Best Gifts for Tea Lovers: Top 4 Tea Sets You’ll Love!

Best Gifts For Tea Lovers FeatureKnow a tea lover in your life that you need to find a gift for?  You’re in luck as I have compiled this list of the Top 4 Best Gifts For Tea Lovers to help people like you because there is such a variety of things to give, I wanted to narrow them down for you and let you see just the best ones.

Enjoying a cup of tea is what everyone is fond of doing today. Having a cup of tea can relax your mind and body as well as bringing you a long list of health benefits!

Nowadays, there are many people who are falling in love with teas and they call themselves as “tea lovers”. They know that tea has such benefits as having:

  • antioxidants;
  • less caffeine;
  • reduce risk of heart attack and stroke;
  • weight loss qualities;
  • help protect bones;
  • and many more.

So giving your tea gurus some nice gifts that will help them enjoy your favorite beverage will surely brighten their day or special ocassion!


Here are the Top 4 Tea Sets on the market that I recommend:

  1. Flowering Glass Teapot Harmony Gift Set By Tea Beyond
  2. Tea Forte KATI Contemporary Insulated Ceramic Single Cup
  3. Chinese Japanese Blue and White Floral Blossom Porcelain Four-Cup Teapot Set
  4. Matcha Green Tea Ceremony Start Up Kit By Tealyra


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#1) Flowering Glass Teapot Harmony Gift Set By Tea Beyond

The Flowering Tea Glass Teapot Harmony Gift Set By Tea Beyond is my first choice to give to your loved ones because this set includes a stainless steel warmer which keeps the tea warm and maintains its aroma.

The clear glass teapot allows you to see the pretty blooming tea flower that you can use to make your tea with but no blooming flowers are included in this set.

With its 42 oz. capacity, it can accommodate a large number of tea lovers in one sitting. Also, the teapot is designed stylishly and a great display when seeing your blooming flower inside.

The teapot does not cause any drip and brings the tea drinking experience to a whole new level.

In addition, the teapot is handmade and 100% eco friendly so you can be sure you are making a difference on our earth when buying this great teapot set.

The company Tea Beyond is known for their high quality products and also recognized even by a dietitian catering the celebrities as well as receiving awards.

This Teapot Harmony is well-loved by customers, who give this a 4.4 stars out of 5, and many people are satisfied and contented with their own Flowering Glass Teapot!

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#2) Tea Forte KATI Contemporary Insulated Ceramic Single Cup

If you want to give a tea lover a single cup to warm up, then the Tea Forte KATI Contemporary Insulated Ceramic Single Cup is your best bet!

This is the teacup that is good for those people who love to drink tea during their alone time. The tea cup is loved by several users because it can easily steep loose leaf tea for a single cup instead of a whole pot.

The tea cup can maintain the warmth of the tea because its wall is doubled which also makes the holding convenient and will not burn the hand of the user.

When using this cup, it can make be filled up to 12 oz. which will let any user enjoy and satisfy their tea-loving self.

This ceramic tea cup comes complete with a stainless steel infuser and a lid that matches the cup itself. Moreover, the single cup is made of ceramic which makes it look stunning and appealing.

The ceramic is designed with flowers and branches which give a calming vibe. As well, because it is made of ceramic, it is microwave friendly and can be cleaned without hassle.

The tea cup set is well-received shown by over 800 customer reviews giving this set a 4.6 star rating out of 5 stars and all of which are happy and gratified with the single cup.

This tea mug will not only be great for someone’s home but also to take to a workplace to enjoy while working at the office!

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#3) Chinese Japanese Blue and White Floral Blossom Porcelain Four-Cup Teapot Set

The Chinese Japanese Blue and White Floral Blossom Porcelain Four-Cup Teapot Set is another set that stands out from the rest and would make a great gift set.

This is the teapot set that will complete what every tea lover is looking for if they want to add a more traditional set to their collection.

The teapot set includes a teapot, four small teacups, and a stainless steel infuser basket that can be used for steeping loose leave tea or tea bags.

The teapot set brings a combination of traditional and contemporary vibes because of the materials used.

The handle of the teapot is made out of bamboo which makes it easy to lift and will not cause any burn to the user. Also, the bamboo handle can also be detached from the teapot itself which makes it hassle free when storing or cleaning.

The teapot set can also be used as a decoration because of its artistic and creative design which gives an Asian feeling.

Aside from the bamboo handle, the product is made of ceramic that has made with great quality. The teapot is big which means it can accommodate several people who are up for some tea drinking.

This complete teapot set is something that I have as I’m always hosting people who also love to drink tea.  If you or loved ones do the same, this would be a great addition to their tea colleciton.

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#4) Matcha Green Tea Ceremony Start Up Kit By Tealyra

Is your friend or relative fond of drinking matcha tea? Would you want to let them experience how to brew matcha in the right way?

Well, the Matcha Green Tea Ceremony Start Up Kit by Tealyra is my last pick as one of best gifts you can give to a tea lover!

This matcha tea set is perfect for tea lovers especially for those who have been wanting to try this trending type of tea but do not have the proper tools to prepare it with, as it comes complete with everything they’ll need to make it just right.

The set has a matcha bowl, which is authentic and comes from Japan, and enables anyone to make their own matcha tea properly.

Besides the bowl, the following inclusions complete this set:

  • a bamboo whisk
  • whisk holder
  • ceremonial grade matcha tea powder
  • tray
  • scoop
  • sifter

With this set, your loved ones will have the opportunity to learn how a matcha tea is done in a traditional way and benefit from the natural antioxidants and energetic properties.

Everything about this set is beautifully made and ensures high quality from Japan.  The bowl comes in five variations for you to choose from and every design is very unique and distinct, you can’t go wrong choosing any of them!

Customers love this matcha green tea set with a 4.5 star out of 5 and boasts about how nice this set looks in person!

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My Last Thoughts

I found these four very different gift sets for you to choose from as there is certainly a variety on the market.  I have given you the best ones from each type of tea essentials for your tea loving friend and family!

I hope that you like this list because it caters to a variety of people who like different aspects of tea.  I really can’t pick which is the best out of the four because they are targeted at very different personalities and that’s why I feel this list is well rounded for your needs to choosing something for a tea lover.

Because drinking tea has such great health benefits, more and more people are taking up on this beverage so looking into gifts for someone who drinks tea is becoming more in demand.  This is why I am helping you in this gifting search!

I appreciate you stopping by and seeing what is available, I hope you will pick a great gift for your loved ones from the above best gifts for tea lovers!


If you have any questions or thoughts on any of the above, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always reply to my visitors. 🙂



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