Best RC Drones With Cameras For Dads In 2017: Get Serious!

Best RC Drones With Cameras For Dads - Get Serious!Are you ready to test your flying skills Dads or know someone who does?  I have picked the Best RC Drones with Cameras for you because this list will really test your skills!

The remote control drones with cameras I’ve picked for you are notoys” and require some handling with care as you don’t want to smash these into anything anytime soon.

Priced between $400 and $1,300, these drones really pack the punch for your buck and will give you the flying experience you’ve been waiting for!

Don’t worry, of course these are not just for Dads, these are for anyone who’s a drone enthusiast and need a drone with camera that can handle some more serious flying power.

I have picked the following Best RC Drones with Cameras for you with the highest ratings:

Make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back to it later if you need to review these four best drones again.


If these drones are out of your budget, I have this list here where the best drones with camera are all under $100!




The Phantom P3-Standard Quadcopter Drone is well-built and can take a pounding without faltering!

Priced at just over $450, lowest price on this list, those who are going to be requiring regular usage from their drone will know this is a world-class option.

Not only is it’s build quality impressive, but it also provides incredible battery life and consistent image quality.

Key Features:

  1. Provides 25 Minutes of Consistent Flight Time
  2. View Live image From 0.5 Miles Away Using DJI Go App
  3. Provides Intelligent Battery For Longer Lasting Performance
  4. Takes Beautiful 2.7K HD Videos
  5. Contains 12 Megapixel Photos
  6. Includes GPS Assisted Flight Features For Better Image Quality
  7. Provides Range of Camera Perspectives For High-Quality Rendering
  8. Includes Battery, Charger, Radio Controller, Two Full Sets of Propellers, and 8 GB Micro SD Card

The stabilization features are adored by customers and add to the value of one’s time out flying around.

The drone is built with attention to detail, and this can be seen with the accessible DJI Go App.  It works well in unison with the drone as it flies around taking images or videos. This provides the level of control most are after with their drone in this day and age.


  1. Easy to Control
  2. Robust Tech Features with Quality DJI Go App
  3. Quality Battery Life
  4. Strong Build Quality
  5. Excellent Stability and Automatic Voice Assistance
  6. Great for Beginners to Intermediate


  1. User Manual Could Go into More Detail
  2. Takes Time To Remove Battery

Customers boasts about it’s ease of operation, the setup is straightforward, and that is what makes the DJI Phantom such an intriguing purchase for those who are looking to take the next step in their drone flying journey!

The drone can settle in nicely and works well in various conditions without breaking down or starting to lose its shape.

This is pertinent for those who use drones on a daily basis and might want to feel assured about how the drone is going to hold up!

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The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is a robust drone that provides incredible control and flexibility for users that other drones can’t match.

Priced around $730, customers state this drone works tremendously well when brought indoors and that can help capture footage that would otherwise go amiss.

Key Features

  1. Provides Solid Lightbridge Digital Streaming For 720p Videos
  2. Can Deliver 4k UHD Video Recording
  3. Includes Seamless and Active 3-Axis Gimbal with Vision Positioning System
  4. Designed For Indoor and Outdoor Use
  5. Includes DJI Pilot App For Both Android and iOS Users
  6. Camera Can Be Controlled Using Remote App
  7. Comes With Powerful Flight Battery and Rechargeable Remote Controller
  8. Comes With Tutorial Videos For Immediate Use

This drone is also well-built meaning it is not going to break down easily.  The attention to detail is something the brand is renowned for, and it shows through the DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

It can withstand a barrage of pressure and will hold its shape for as long as one wants.

The quality 3-axis gimbal with vision positioning ensures the image quality is out of this world and adds to the work being done with the drone.

This is pertinent for professionals and others who are going to make a living from the drone and its performance.


  1. Ready To Go “Out of Box”
  2. Long Battery Life
  3. Stable Build Quality
  4. Works Well Indoors and Outdoors
  5. Compact


  1. Expensive
  2. Average Tutorial Videos

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is heralded as a well-rounded, comprehensive drone made to work straight out of the box for those who want to get to the fun part as soon as possible.

Customers say it is a dream come true when it comes to flying a drone the right way.  The remote controller is excellent, and the range is exceptional when the drone is being flown around from place to place.

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The Autel Robotics X Star is a world-class drone that provides incredible 4K Ultra HD content and has a seamless HD Live View for users.

Priced at $850 – $900, depending on the package you choose, it is also heralded for doing a good job with its one-touch buttons and quality remote controller.

The dual GPS outdoor navigation is ideal for those who are looking to travel long distances and want complete control.

Key Features

  1. Comes With HD Live View For Autonomous Flight and Complete Control
  2. Provides Free Starlink App For All Mobile Devices (iOS and Android)
  3. Delivers 4K Ultra HD Video Along with 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
  4. Includes Robust Remote Controller With LCD Display
  5. One-Touch Action Buttons For Simpler Use
  6. Comes With Dual GPS Outdoor Navigation
  7. Provides SecureFlyTM Magnetic Interference Protection
  8. Includes 64 GB SD Card, Premium Hard Case, 1-Hour Fast Charger, Intelligent Battery, And Spare Propellers
  9. Comes With Comprehensive Support

The Autel Robotics X Star is also excellent when it comes to the comprehensive support.

They work seven days a week and go the extra mile to help those who need it. Regardless of the question, the company and its representatives are ready to assist.


  1. Simple To Use
  2. Incredible Stabilization and Image Quality
  3. Excellent GPS and General Navigational Features
  4. Brilliant Support by Company
  5. Fabulous One-Touch Buttons Through Remote Controller


  1. Range Could Be Better
  2. Flight Time Is Shorter Than Advertised
  3. Firmware Takes Time To Install

The 64 GB SD card is an excellent addition and helps save all of the valuable content that is being captured.

Overall, it is an intuitive design that has won over the hearts of users who are putting it to the test on a regular basis.

Customers all say it passes with flying colors and pretty happy with their purchase!

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DJI is a big player in the market of drones, and it includes this particular drone.

The DJI Mavic Pro Bundle is one of those power-packed drones that gets the job done, priced in the $1,000 – $1,300 range depending on the bundle you choose.

It can provide resolute build quality, consistent flight patterns, and unbelievable footage!

Those who are in the business of flying drones attest to this being among the best in the business.

Key Features

  1. Can Fly Up To Speeds of 40 MPH (64 KPH)
  2. Provides 27 Minutes of Continuous Flight Time
  3. Delivers True 4K Image Quality
  4. Comes With Vision Positioning System and GPS
  5. Can Fold Into The Size of a Water Bottle
  6. Comes With Obstacle Avoidance For Simpler Flight Patterns
  7. Provides Easy Control Through Phone App
  8. Can Be Flown Indoors and Outdoors
  9. Uses Active Track For Effortless Flight and Stabilized Footage

This Mavic Pro is able to provide quality that is brilliant from all angles and can handle all situations.

This is pertinent for those who are going to be using it in various indoor and outdoor settings. Being able to trust the app and how well it works is ideal for those who are selective.


  1. Seamless Quality and True 4K
  2. Consistent Results All The Time
  3. Easy To Setup and Use
  4. Excellent Remote App
  5. Brilliant Obstacle Avoidance System For Easier Flight Patterns


  1. Below Par Storage Bag
  2. Quite Expensive Compared To Competition
  3. Gimbal Takes Time To Adjust

The DJI Mavic Pro is well-appreciated for being able to handle various flight patterns and still manage to produce good footage.

This has to do with the incredible vision stabilization using the 3-axis gimbal that is offered. The build quality is great and that ensures it can handle anything.

The continuous flight time of 27 minutes is another positive that stands out in the eyes of customers who have put this to the test!

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I have to say it was hard to pick which one would be my favorite as I researched in-depth which one to get for my husband’s birthday.

He loves drones and he had a little one before that’s super cheap but now I think he needs a much better one like one of the above, which is why I compiled this list since I was already researching them for him.

After looking at all the customer reviews, the ended up buying the second one listed above:

Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

This is my pick because of the 4k UHD camera which is super high quality and customers really seem to be taken by this one.  Not only that, you have different bundle options as well if you want extra accessories with it and/or a hard shell case for it.

I feel the extra battery is a must as you want to keep flying after one set of battery runs out so it’s good to have an extra set of batteries.

Also, I had to get the hard shell case as well because well the case looks awesome and it’s good to have such a high quality drone protected from damage during travel or storage.

How did he like?

He LOVED it!  He’s been flying that thing every time the sun is out and that’s quite often here!  🙂

He couldn’t believe it and I think I earned some brownie points for this awesome gift.  I was so relieved that he liked it and it really flies beautifully.

It’s easy to control and the video from the camera is really amazingly clear.  Technology is really incredible to me these days.

So this is a safe bet, but I hope you will pick one that suits your needs or one that your loved one will really enjoy!



Let’s go online shopping!

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6 Responses to Best RC Drones With Cameras For Dads In 2017: Get Serious!

  1. Minhaj June 3, 2017 at 10:10 pm #

    I love drones, especially the DJI ones, this is an impressive list of high-end drones. My personal favourite is the Mavic, has all the power of the other ones but is small, compact and easy to carry around. I am amazed at how advanced some of these drones are, with their 4k camera and obstacle avoidance technology. I would have added the DJI Sparkle to this list, it’s new but has some amazing features.

    • Grace June 4, 2017 at 6:17 am #

      Hi Minhaj, Appreciate you suggesting the newest DJI Spark, I may have to add it when it comes out but right now, these are the best ones on the market.  I also love the technology on these drones too, very advanced and reliable.  Glad you liked the list!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Norman June 6, 2017 at 3:41 am #

    Drones are so awesome, I purchase one for my kid for his gift and was thinking of buying one for me because they are just so fun, thus I was searching around and found your best list. It is so amazing how these drones have become so popular and are now is a favorite. These are cool and will make good gifts for dads. Your post is well detailed with tons of good information, thanks for that.

    • Grace June 6, 2017 at 10:17 am #

      So great to hear, Norman! Glad you in the market for another one. I hope this list will help you out in your decision. You will not go wrong with these ones.

      The ones on this list not only have power but precision in your control as well as strong build for tough flying conditions. You will be impressed Phantom 3, hope you’ll check it out.


  3. fernglow June 9, 2017 at 4:35 am #

    I always loved drones from young and actually own one. I came to this site thinking of buying another one for my dad but it actually seems a little too expensive for my budget(i’m a student).
    I knew of this models already but am looking for cheaper alternatives. Any ideas?

    • Grace June 11, 2017 at 5:58 pm #

      That’s good to hear you want to get a drone for your Dad.  No problem if the drones here are over your budget, I have another list of drones that are under $100, you can take a look at them here.

      Hope those will be better for you!


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