How Does Amazon Pantry Work? Convenience & Makes A Great Gift!

How does Amazon Pantry Work- Convenient and Makes a great giftJust recently Amazon unveiled their Prime Pantry service. If you were wondering “How does Amazon Pantry work?”, here is some pertinent information you should know to see if this service will appeal to you or your loved one as this would make a great gift for your Mom or yourself.

We always want convenience and having such a service seems to be a great way to get your pantry refilled without going to the stores.  Amazon always aims to get you what you want and quickly too!

Prime Pantry is stepping into a whole new shopping area that we are not used to yet, I thought anyway, but as my friend pointed out, she’s already using other services to get grocery items delivered to her within hours!

So, now I understand it, it’s getting more and more popular to just order your groceries online and have them deliver it right to your door.

Amazon is now in this game too but let’s see if they stack up and if this service is good for you!

I will walk through the following:




Prime Pantry is part of the Amazon Prime membership, so you will need to sign up for a Prime membership before you can use and order the products under the Prime Pantry section of their website.

The service provides a way for customers to collect a variety of grocery items that will fit into a single large box associated with home deliveries.

You can fill it with anything you want from the Prime Pantry section, and as long as it fits, you can get it all shipped for one low flat price of $5.99.

However, you can eliminate this shipping fee if you select 5 or more qualifying items that will give you FREE shipping!

All Prime Pantry orders are delivered using ground shipping because of the size of the boxes and weight which is up to 45 pounds.  Therefore, even though you are a Prime member, you will not get the 2 day shipping offer you usually get with non-pantry items.


The Selections

While Amazon claims that there are thousands items available to choose from, they will not have as many products available when compared to the immense variety of the products you can find available in a typical supermarket store.

However the products they offer seem to be mainly dominated by the more popular brand names and popular products to usually buy, which can be a benefit.

From a more positive perspective the majority of shoppers will be familiar with what they are purchasing. But at the same time, many of the smaller, yet still well-known brands will not be available.

The customers who are picky when it comes to their specific favorite brands of shampoo or potato chips will probably become frustrated with the hit-or-miss selections.





Given the limited selection compared to a supermarket and the extended delivery times, many are asking if this is the type of service that they can use?

The answer to this question is … maybe, but let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using this service:

1) Convenience

The Amazon Pantry ships to 48 of the States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) and will provide you with a way to digitally clip your coupons when they are available.  This means that you can score additional savings in a simple and easy way.

Having groceries showing up at your doorstep when you need it, is sure a big plus of using this service!  You can’t beat the convenience you get from using Prime Pantry.



2) Variety

Although not as big of a selection per product like going into a grocery store, they have a huge selection of thousands of products that you will normally get.

Yes the name brands are the more popular ones, but for the convenience this service offers, I find it okay to go with the brands they have which are well known and widely trusted.

At Prime Pantry, you can buy groceries, snacks, drinks, household supplies, medicine, vitamins, baby care items, and even a selection for your pets and office supplies.

This variety of products will only expand with time as Amazon keeps adding more and more products to this great service.


3) User Friendly

Each of the Pantry boxes is allowed to weigh up to a maximum of 45 pounds and they accommodate up to 4 cubic feet in space.

As you add the items to the box, Amazon will display how much space you have in the box as you go. In addition, you will find under each of the items, a percentage of how much space that item will occupy in the box.

For example: one 100 oz bottle of Tide Detergent will occupy 16.8% of your Pantry box, while a 24-pack of Arrowhead water takes up 62.2% space. Smaller items like a packet of potato chips will only occupy about 3% of the space.

Another advantage on how does Amazon Pantry work is that you are allowed to put in items and then take them out to make sure you are making the most out of the space in your Pantry Box.


4) Simple Cost Comparisons

Amazon also includes the prices per an ounce and the prices per a count, so that online shoppers are able to compare these prices to the standard grocery store or with other grocery online delivery services.

Great for those who is always watching their budget and wallets!  I have used this feature to make comparisons myself and it’s a very quick way to see if you’re getting the best price at Amazon.


5) Regular Sizes Offered At Discounted Prices

This new service now allows online shoppers to buy the single-size items which were offered only in bulk previously.

This feature is especially nice for individuals who are single and do not require bigger quantities, or for people who reside in smaller apartments and do not have the storage available for bulkier items.




6) Coupons

Amazon allows for the use of digital coupons which decreases the work involved in coupon cutting and offers you deals and discounts you wouldn’t normally get.

Under the Coupons section, Amazon conveniently shows you all the available coupons currently offers and it’s easy of using the coupons makes it attractive to buy the products that are on sale.

With this Coupons section, you don’t have to go hunting for the products that are on sale either, it’s all on that one page, can’t beat that ease of use!


7) Easy To Find & Buy

One thing Amazon is great at is making things easy for you.  You can easily find what you bought before by clicking on the “Buy From Past Purchases” link on the left menu or you can create your own shopping list and buy from your list instead.

They also have a section called “Buy from Themed Boxes” where they have grouped certain similar products together so you don’t have to search them out yourself.

For example there’s a Themed Box called “Glad & Clorox Favorites”, there it will list all the household essential you’ll need like Clorox wipes, garbage bags, scrubs, and Glad storage containers.





For every product or service offered out there in the world, there are always pros and cons for everything so let’s take a look at the disadvantages of using Amazon Pantry:

1) The Joiner Fee

The Amazon Pantry is only available to Amazon Prime members and the membership costs $99 per year.  However, this membership comes with great benefits as you can get free 2 day shipping on millions of non-Pantry items.

In addition, the delivery fee for each box is $5.99 but as I mentioned above, Amazon provides a way for you to get rid of this shipping charge and get free shipping if you can buy 5 qualifying items.


2) Weight Limitations

Every box can hold a maximum of 45 pounds. When you are buying heavier items such as canned goods, oils and sauces, the weight limitations are quickly be reached.

So you may have to plan your orders a bit to make sure you maximize your orders each time with the things you need.


3) Ground Shipping

The Amazon Pantry is at this stage offering a 4 day delivery because it has to use ground shipping. This is regarded as a long-time in order to wait for the household items you can shop for from your local grocer.

This is even more true when comparing Amazon to the grocery services like Instacart that offers the very same day-delivery or a site such as Peapod that delivers the next day.

Therefore, with using Amazon Pantry, you need to plan ahead a bit more and don’t let things run out first before you buy.


4) Brand Names

To date, Amazon has only focused on the brand names which means this site is not the place for those frugal shoppers. Purchasing no-name or store brands is typically a lot less expensive and provides shoppers with more options.




At this point in time, I just think why not because it’s already part of Amazon Prime.

Once you’ve used Amazon Prime, it’s hard to shop any other way on there because you get your products so quickly on seriously so many products (millions they say are available for Amazon Prime 2 day free shipping)!

If you or your loved one haven’t used Amazon Prime, you will really like it as many times, you often buy things last minute, especially gifts, and this free 2 day shipping is a life saver for many times for me!  LOL

As a parent, having the convenience of also being able to order my groceries on there is an added bonus for me!  I really like this addition to the Amazon family.

Like I said, you can get rid of that shipping fee for Pantry by ordering 5 select items which are products you were going to buy anyway like breakfast, household, and snack items, so you can still enjoy free shipping!

Giving your mom, dad, or a loved one an Amazon Prime membership would be a great gift!  They will certainly thank you for it and will love it once they start using it: Give the Gift of Amazon Prime Here!

With the Prime membership, you also get instant streaming of popular movies and TV shows, as well as on demand, ad-free music streaming!

There are many other benefits to the Prime membership such as unlimited reading of thousands of books on any device plus unlimited audio listening of original series from Audible.

Learn more about the Prime membership or buy the gift here:


If you have any questions or thoughts about how does Amazon Pantry work or how does Amazon Prime work, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always reply to my awesome readers. 🙂



Let’s go online shopping!

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