Top 4 Best Cheap Fidget Spinners in 2017: What Benefits They Bring!

Top 4 Best Cheap Fidget Spinners: What Benefits They Bring!Today, not only will I bring you the best cheap fidget spinners around but will show you the immense benefits they have on us which have more benefits than I thought!

This new gadget brings fun for everyone and it’s a cheap toy to have around.  I also love that it’s so small so you can bring it with you anywhere you go.

After I show you the benefits of using a fidget spinner, I will show you the top 4 best cheap fidget spinners I can find through my in-depth research.

The fidget spinners I will recommend below will not only be low priced, but high quality and how popular they are.

They will range from below $10 to just under $30, which make great gifts or a nice little treat for yourself!


There are lots to cover so let’s take a look:

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Fidget spinners are certainly a hot gadget right now. If you don’t already own one, you are sure to have seen numerous people using them, whether on the tube, out walking, or even in the office.

To an onlooker, it may look like a waste of precious time and energy, however fidget spinner benefits are numerous, to say the least.

Let’s take a look at why we should all be making use of this new and modern gadget:

  • A potentially ideal gadget for anyone with anxiety, fidgeting issues, ADHD, Autism and similar conditions.
  • An excellent way to break a bad habit such as biting your nails, shaking your leg and the list goes on.
  • An instant way to engage with your surroundings. Rather than having your eyes glued to your phone screen during the tube journey, you find yourself actually watching the world around you and perhaps even engaging with it!
  • A helping hand to keep you awake during a long commute, car journey or train ride.
  • A great conversation starter. If you don’t believe this, take one with you on your next journey and see how many people have your attention.
  • A unique way to express yourself. Fidget spinners come in various designs, allowing you to choose a model that expresses you as a person.

Indeed, we all need a way to get rid of excessive boredom, free up frazzled nerves and generally deal better with our everyday life.

We often go to great measures to find a way to relieve stress, combat boredom, reduce anxiety and find a way of re-connecting with the world around us.

Such measures can take a significant amount of time, effort and expense. Perhaps the solution to our problem comes in the form of the inexpensive and humble fidget spinner.

Granted, you may have seen other people using them and figured they had most certainly ‘lost the plot’, so to speak, but we all now the old adage, ‘don’t knock it until you have tried it’.

Why not pick up one today and decide for yourself whether fidget spinner benefits are all they are made out to be.

Who knows, you may find, like so many other people, that this new gadget is indeed something we should all be making the most of!




Fidget Spinner Blue Street Plus Pouch and Warranty By Fidgeteer

Fidgeteer has hit the ground running with their new spinner that includes a warranty and a carrying pouch which is currently priced at under $10!

The warranty lasts for a full year which is a great show of confidence that they are certain that you will be fully satisfied with this spinner.

The customer reviews show this to be true as well as this is highly rated by so many customers.

Not all fidget spinners are created equally and this becomes obvious once you have tried out at least a few of them.

This one happens to be among the best. It is perfectly balanced, which is a big problem with sub-par spinners.

The center cap is made with a concave design. This is in contrast to many other spinners that use a flat cap design.

The difference is huge because the concave design makes it easier to do tricks and reduces the likelihood of the spinner slipping out of your fingers.

Each spinner is only as good as the bearings it uses. This particular model uses high-class bearings that allow for average spins as long as two minutes but you can get longer spin times with a harder spin.

It’s perfect for doing tricks because you will suffer minimum slow-down during use.

This spinner has been rated highly by nearly everyone who reviews it. The concave cap, the high-class bearings, and the excellent balance make this a great spinner for doing tricks!

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The Official Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner with Free EBook By Zekpro

This Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner model by Zekpro may not come with an impressive one-year warranty, but it does come with a brief money back guarantee and a free ebook.

This highly popular fidget spinner is priced in the $10 – $20 range.

You will instantly receive the downloadable ebook upon purchase.

The ebook teaches you ten different cool tricks that will help you direct your attention and reduce your anxiety.

They are also great for impressing your friends.

As the name implies, this spinner is focused more so on reducing anxiety than performing cool tricks.

It lacks some of the features that you would see on those models, such as a concave center cap.

It does, however, utilize high-quality, high-speed bearings. You can reach high speeds and spin times of three minutes of more with ease.

Overall, the spinner features a sophisticated design. It is made using quality materials and will last you a long time. The ebook is a great bonus as well as most spinners don’t come with one.

This is a great spinner to start with if you’ve never used one before so the book will teach you all of the basic tricks that you may have seen performed by others with a spinner.

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Tri-Spinner Fidget Focus Toy Spinner By XDesign

Xdesign is a leader in the business and for good reason. Their spinner is high-quality, high-rated, reaches high speeds, and it can withstand a beating.

It is among the more expensive spinners on the market (mid range of $10-$20), but those extra dollars go towards manufacturing a quality product that will last for a long time.

This model attempts to cater to both markets: those who want to do tricks and those who use it for concentration.

It doesn’t have a concave cap, but the internal bearings make up for that to some degree. As a matter of fact, if you are already used to using models with flat caps, then you will find this familiar design easier to use.

The flat cap also means you can spin it as easily in your hand as you can on the tap. You can spin with one hand or with two. You can even spin it while it’s in your pocket!

Inside are premium grade stainless steel bearings. These bearings are some of the best in the business.

You notice the difference as soon as you make your first spin. It can reach high speeds and last at least 2 minutes on average.

This is one of the few spinners on Amazon with five stars! Customers love everything about this, including the design as it features a smooth, ergonomic design.

The spinner remains comfortable in the hand even after hours of spinning!

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Precision Copper Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD Focus Toy By TYZEST

This Copper Spinner by Tyzest is easily one of the best, if not the best, spinner on the market today and rightly priced at just under $30.

It looks and feels completely different from any other spinner out there! The unique design was a smart move by the manufacturer.

While most other spinners look relatively the same, this model really stands out.

The body of the spinner is made from 100 percent red copper. Inside are hybrid ceramic and stainless steel bearings.

This impressive spinner can reach amazing speeds and spin times of 8 minutes on average! That is more than four times as long as most other spinners can achieve!

This does put some extensive wear on the bearings, but they are easily replaceable when the time is right.

Customers really love this spinner as it is small, compact, and looks really cool. It also has great balance and premium bearings.

Whether you want to impress friends with tricks or just improve your concentration, you won’t find a much better option than this one!

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As one of the hottest toys around these days, it’s sure to make an awesome fun gift for adults and kids!

You can’t go wrong with any of the Top 4 Best Cheap Fidget Spinners above but if I had pick one, I would pick the Precision Copper Spinner by Tyzest.

I really love this fidget spinner by Tyzest because it’s made out of copper which high quality and will keep its shape if dropped.

I also love that the this spinner spins as long as 8 minutes!  That’s a long time to have someone’s attention on!

Although the highest priced of my Top 4, the high quality and copper material really is outstanding which will ensure the toy to last a long time as well!

Good luck on your choosing but any of my top 4 would make an excellent fidget spinner for you or your loved one and that is why I chose them for you!


If you have any questions or thoughts on the Top 4 Best Cheap Fidget Spinners, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always answer my wonderful readers. 🙂



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