Top 5 Best Dog Hair Shedding Solutions: Must Have DeShedding Tools!

Top 5 Best Dog Hair Shedding Solutions- Must Have DeShedding Tools!Are you looking for dog hair shedding solutions?  I’m glad you are here then because I have come up with the Top 5 Best Dog Hair Shedding Solutions for you!

I know what it’s like to have dog hair everywhere because my baby Merlot, a fawn pug, had a double coat called an English coat on him and he shed basically all year round.

There were times of the year when he seemed to shed more than other months but still lots of hair everywhere in our house from this little one all year round.

I have used some great products that have helped immensely to cut down on the dog hair shedding and I want to share them with others so you can also enjoy more of a dog hair free home.

Really, you will never have a 100% dog hair free home, but using these tools will definitely reduce the dog hair around the house by up to 90%.


I hope you will find these dog hair shedding solutions helpful:

  1. FURminator deShedding Tool
  2. Chirpy Pets Dog Brush For Shedding
  3. GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake
  4. 2-in-1 Pet Glove: Grooming Tool + Furniture Pet Hair Remover Mitt
  5. Veterinary Products Laboratories Optima 365

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This awesome dog deshedding tool called the FURminator is really the best tool you can use to reduce your dog from shedding everywhere.  It can reduce your dog’s shedding by 90%!

Priced at just under $25, this deShedding tool has a stainless steel edge that digs deep into your dog’s fur coat to remove the loose hair underneath that top coat with ease without hurting your dog at all.

The FURminator comes with choices of long or short hair, and comes in 5 sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Giant.

The button on top of the tool easily gets the loose dog hair off the brush with ease, the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use, and its highly rated at 4.7 stars by almost 10,000 customer reviews!

This deShedding tool has a patented design that guarantees that it can take off the most dog hair out of all other brushes, rakes, and comb.

As the best seller in dog shedding tools, you will really be happy with this FURminator deShedding tool!

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If you’re not going to use the tool above, then the next best thing to use is this Chirpy Pets Dog Brush for Shedding.  Another best seller, but in the dog brush category, this deshedding tool can also reduce your dog’s shedding by 90%!

Priced at about $18, this dog brush will not disappoint as the brush is made of 4 inch stainless steel that is not sharp to protect the coat and skin of your cute pups.

It is guaranteed to be unbreakable and has a 60 day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it in any way.  The Chirpy Pets Dog Brush also comes with a cover to protect your tool and it’s designed to be as comfortable for your dog as possible.

Unlike the FURminator, this brush just comes in one size and there’s no choice for long or short hair.  However, as dog owners are rating this Chirpy brush at 4.8 stars, the one size fits all does not seem to be a disadvantage as it has worked well with all types of breeds.

With almost 2,700 customer reviews, this Chirpy Pets Dog Brush will be a great choice as your deshedding tool!

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There are some dogs with really matted hair so I have put this on the best list especially for this problem.  The GoPets Dematting Comb will be the best grooming rake to get all those hair mats out.

Priced at mid $20s, this is a great choice for dematting your dog hair and help it from shedding as well.

With its double sided comb, each side is used for different purpose.  One side with less teeth is for stubborn mats and tangles, and the other side what has more teeth is for quicker results or for thinning and deshedding.

This tool will cut through the mats and tangles without pulling out your dog’s hair; and it’s dull rounded teeth will be gentle on your pup’s skin and coat.

Dog owners really rave about how much they love this dematting comb and how it’s great to use, have awesome results, and is comfortable for both owner and dog.

With 4.4 stars and over 1,700 customer reviews, this is one to add to your collection of grooming tools to help with your dog hair shedding problems.

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In your box of grooming tools, this Pat Your Pet 2-in-1 Pet Glove will be useful on the days when you just want a quick fast way to brush your dog’s hair.  This glove is also good for bath days too to give your dogs a nice massage during their bath.

Priced at about $13, this 2-in-1 Pet Glove is used for deshedding as well as removing dog hair off your furniture/carpet with the other side of the glove which is made of velour.

I like this glove as it gives your dog a nice massage and takes off a lot of fur while in the bath as well while you’re massaging your furry friend.

This glove will accommodate for long and short dog hair, and you can get your money back if you don’t like the glove for any reason.

With a 4.4 star rating from over 1,500 pet owners, this Pat Your Pet 2-in-1 Pet Glove will make a great addition to your grooming tools and will help with your dog hair shedding dilemma.

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In order to help your dog from shedding too much, I have added Veterinary Products Laboratories Optima 365 to this best list of deshedding solutions because it will help your furry cutie from the inside.

With Optima 365, you will be adding Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to your dog’s diet which will help to maintain a nice healthy skin and furry coat.

Priced at low $20’s range for this 16 oz bottle, this solution can help with shedding and reduce dander by 71%!

That’s pretty impressive if you ask me and customers confirm this in their enthusiastic reviews about how it has helped reduced dog hair from being all over the house.

With dog owners giving this a 4.4 star rating and dogs loving the flavor, you will add another layer of armor to your dog hair problem if you add Veterinary Products’ Laboratories Optima 365 to your dog’s diet.

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I hope you have enjoyed going through my Top 5 Best Dog Hair Shedding Solutions and I really feel that if you include a variety of the products on this list, you will drastically reduce the amount of dog fur around your house.

Working from the inside and outside, these tools and supplies will help get rid of majority of the loose hair your dog sheds.

I believe each one of these tools work well with each other and have their own functionality.  I always had a few different types of brushes to combat with my pug’s double coat of fur.

The great thing about the above list is that most of them offer a money back guarantee so you don’t have much to lose but dog hair if you get a few of them to try out!

I hope this list will help you conquer your dog hair shedding problems and that these tools will be the solutions you’ve been searching for.  🙂


If you have any questions or thoughts about the Top 5 Best Dog Hair Shedding Solutions, please do not hesitate to leave me with a comment below.  I always reply to my visitors as soon as I could!



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